Welcome to dietalyzer

dietalyzerIf you are looking for a common sense way to loose a few pounds, we can help you crunch the numbers and decide how to go about it. Our site has no gimicks, no special formulas or plans, and no “in your face” advertising! We are here only to help our readers develop a reasonable, acheivable plan for weight loss!

I’m a programmer who developed diabetes as I got older. When I went to the Internet to research the disease and look for ideas to loose weight, I was very frustrated at the misinformation and commercial fodder which literally floods the search engines.

I was disappointed that with thousands of pages purporting to give me the secret to weight loss, I could not find anything that would help me devise a simple plan to reduce my food intake. Every diet plan I found, even those from the government and public service groups includes some element of hocus-pocus either through miracle additives, special gym gadgets or pairing with extreme excercise. What about those of us who just want to loose weight the same way we put it on – a little at a time, just living a normal life.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that both diet and excercise are legitimate components of good health, but I wanted a tool that would guide me thru the diet component. I needed to know how to eat and how much!

The tools here are simple. They show you about how much you should weigh then calculate the daily calories you need to skip (or burn) in order to reach your ideal weight over time.

If you need to loose weight, the first step is to make a realistic and acheivable plan. If you are ready to make that plan, the Dietalyzer will help you work out the details. The rest is up to you.